Skill Development

Garg Group has identified an acute shortage of skilled work force, especially in the rural and semi-rural regions of northern India. Our learning and training initiatives therefore focus on enhancing an individual’s work-critical skills, knowledge, and aptitude in order to boost his or her chances of securing a suitable employment.

In order to facilitate skill development, the Garg Group has established various learning centers that impart theoretical as well as practical training for various vocations. These institutes are significant not-for-profit establishments that catalyze the creation of a significant talent pool.

These initiatives touch the lives of hundreds of students by providing them the right facilities to learn and aid their pursuit for dignified careers.

Garg Group organizes workshops and courses for teaching:

  • Digital literacy - Computer and Internet usage
  • Entrepreneurship training
  • Mobile phone repairing
  • Security services
  • Civil supervision (construction sites) Etc.

Hence, along with our professional pursuits, the group continues to reach out to the society to bring about a positive change.