Law and Management House

In the early sixties, the Garg Group entered the publication domain with the establishment of the prestigious Law and Management House. Through this publication, we regularly print books and reference materials that cater to the Legal and Management vocations. We have also printed a book penned by the Chief Justice of India.

Authored in 1959 by Mr. D.C. Garg (Chartered Accountant), the Law and Management House printed its first Income Tax Ready Reckoner in 1964. Since then, our accountancy books viz. the Garg’s Income Tax Ready Reckoner and the VAT & Sales Tax Interpretation, have been prescribed as the basic reference materials for finance professionals nationwide.

Other publications by Law and Management House:

  • Sales Tax Magazine
  • Income Tax Magazine
  • Income & Service Tax Interpretation

Our mission is to extend the knowledge and applicability of Tax planning to a large audience and provide updated information at all times.

A Website for availing information on Laws and Economy of Uttar Pradesh

This website provides instant updates and comments regarding amendment and notifications about Rules, Forms, Circulars, Commissioner Decisions, Supreme Court Decisions, High Court Decisions, and important Tribunal Decisions.

The website is also a ready reference for the following laws:

  • Value Added Tax in Uttar Pradesh
  • Central Sales Tax with Uttar Pradesh state rules
  • Entry Tax in Uttar Pradesh

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Remadhav Publication Private Limited

Prompted by a dearth of quality publishers for regional language literature, Garg Group established the Remadhav Publication Pvt. Ltd. With an eye for exceptional literary talents, the publication has printed Hindi literary classics for several decades and is recognized as one of the most reputed and celebrated publication house in the region.

Remadhav Publication is known to share profits in terms of honest royalties and accolades for its authors and writers. Little wonder that it has had the privilege of being associated with some of the most accomplished writers of our era.

Some of the noteworthy volumes printed through the Remadhav franchise are:

  • Exclusive Works of Bharat Ratna Satyajeet Ray
  • Classics of Hindi Sahitya (Bhartiya Sahitya Ke Swarnakshar)
  • Mukti - Muni KshamaSagar
  • Scoop - Kuldeep Nayar
  • Mukti - Muni Kshama Sagar
  • Gaddar kaun? A self narrated story by Nawaz Sharif
  • Works of Nobel laureate Rabindra Nath Tagore
  • Katha Samagra by Vijaydan Detha

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