With over five decades of goodwill and industry presence, the Garg Group has successfully facilitated strategic partnerships for various corporate, business houses and private institutes.

The flourishing Krishna Group of Institutions is a result of an effective collaboration between participants from various sectors that have come together under the aegis of the Garg Group. These institutes have further collaborated with national and international organizations form the government and private sector.

Our expertise across various verticals like Real Estate, Educational, Iron & Steel production, Publications, Art Galleries and Skill Development, make us a partner of choice for any business requiring long-term and strategic alliances in India.

Having worked closely in these sectors, the Group has start-to-end expertise for setting up and executing large-scale projects in India. Our reliable networks and business associations enable efficient, effective, and timely rollout of any project.

A first by Garg Group:

The Group has pioneered an innovative strategy for identifying vacant plots and defunct units and transforming them into profit making institutes.

For example:


  • The defunct Intana Ghee factory has now been turned into the prestigious Krishna Institute of Engineering and Technology (KIET).
  • The Champions Cell, a sick unit was taken over and transformed into the Indraprasth Engineering College (IPEC).

Real Estate:

  • The Group acquired Tom Co., with a vacant piece of land (from Hindustan Level Limited), developed, and sold the same to the Gulmohour Green Real Estate Company. A part of this was allotted to the Krishna Dental College and the Krishna Engineering College.

Other partnerships:

  • Ashiana – LandCraft
  • Lipton India Ltd
  • Maharashtra Steel Ltd
  • Bij Iron Limited
  • Bainkteshwara Steel Rolling Mills
  • Harsha Tractor Ltd
  • Haryana Steel Roiling Mills
  • Daga Steel Rolling Mills
  • Ajanta Textiles Mills Ltd
  • Jain Rolling Mills