About Garg Group

Left to Right Sitting: Mr. Atul Garg, Mr. Rakesh Garg, Mr. LalitJaiswal
Left to Right Standing: Mr. Manu Garg, Mr. Gaurav Garg, Mr. RakeshGoel

Garg Group is an India based multifaceted business group that collaborates with entrepreneurs to create successful partnerships across multiple business verticals. We have grown from our humble beginnings to establish a significant niche that extends beyond the traditional scope of a business group.

With interests in sectors like Real Estate, Educational Institutes, Iron & Steel production, Renewable Energy, Publications, Art Galleries and Skill Development, we have developed keen insights and unmatched business networks in India. Our strengths and capabilities are ideal for laying the foundations of any new commercial venture in the country.

Our ability to preempt trends and identify opportunities allows us to create value for our stakeholders at every level. Over the years, the Group has registered great financial success and is a flourishing business group that strives for integrity, excellence, and professionalism.

Backed by fundamentals and driven by ethics, our values stem from the sensitive and conservative aspirations of the Indian populace. Our successful reach across sectors testifies our interpretation of the Indian markets and an ability to execute major projects. Managed by a team of eminent industrialists, entrepreneurs, professionals and business consultants, the group is headquartered at Delhi (N.C.R) with operations in and around the city of Ghaziabad.

People Behind The Group

Mr. Rakesh Garg

35 years of experience in Management, Financing and Administration of Trade Industry, Educational Institutes etc., is a renowned personality of the region.

Mr. Atul Garg

More than 30 Years of Corporate Experience and is the Guiding Spirit of Garg Group. His Ability to develop and manage group dynamics and pioneering initiatives has led to the rapid growth of Garg Group.

Mr. LalitJaiswal

30 Years of experience in the Field Administration, Finance and Corporate Relations, is a strong support to the Group.

Mr. RakeshGoel

30 years of Experience in Trading, Land Procurement, Legal, Secretariat and Management of Educational Institutions.

Mr. Manu Garg

Is a management graduate with 14 Years Experience in Various Management Functions.He is a dynamic young force of the Group and Look after Planning, Marketing, Project Execution and General Administration.

Mr. Gaurav Garg

Armed with a degree in International Business Management from UK and Corporate experience of 5 Years is a young smartian of the Group and is taking care of Marketing

Founding Philosophy

Garg Group has believed in the philosophy of "Niyat gail barakat” meaning, ‘With good intentions comes prosperity’. We strive to work towards a win-win situation for all. This dependability and transparency has helped us garner the support, trust, and backing of business houses, conglomerates, investors and the common populace. The Group has demonstrated dependability in terms of ideation, scalability, and execution through major projects in the region.

We also believe that successful businesses evolve, exist, and flourish to serve the society. Therefore, the sole purpose of business is to create value for its stakeholders.


Garg Group aspires to create value for all its stakeholders by adhering to the principles of trust and integrity. We wish to be the partner of choice for businesses that seek professional consultancy, expert insights, unmatched execution excellence, and promised financial returns from all kinds of projects in India.


Our mission is to continuously learn, unlearn, and relearn the best practices in every sphere of business. Our relentless focus is people - those that collaborate with us, work with us, and trust us. At Garg Group, we are dependable, trustworthy, and reliable partners and our projects exemplify this.

The Group employs a conservative and cautious approach and aims for certainty and surety over scale and extravagant returns. We are driven by fundamentals and honest practices that create admirable brands and exemplify deliverability and dependability.